The product history of Neu•Becalm’d™ began in 1984. At that time Dr. Kenneth Blum applied for a patent on his discovery that through the use of select nutritional formulae, certain substance abuses, e.g. an alcoholic's craving for alcohol, could be reduced or even overcome. At that time, the product was titled SAAVE, and sold to hospitals and clinics.

Because nutritional supplements do not require FDA approval, the fact that insurance companies do not cover the cost of supplements and the red tape involved, many of these recovery agencies were forced to discontinue offering their patients this valuable alternative. At this point, NeuroGenesis decided to make these products available directly to the public through Network Marketing.

Through the years, NeuroGenesis has undergone numerous changes, business reorganization as well as marketing campaign redesigns. Also, through the years, a new product line was developed from this original discovery. In the ensuing years, a total of four patents have been awarded.

NeuroGenesis, Inc. has seen an increase in production, growth in sales, expansion in the market and overall enhancement in benefits to the consumer over these years.

NeuroGenesis has experienced times of financial strain and times of exponential growth; it has changed directors, executives, and even names, but one thing has remained constant throughout its twenty plus years of existence; that is its commitment to reaching individuals in need and providing them with an excellent product that is designed to enhance their quality of life.

Due to its strong staff of professionals and winning marketing plans combined with its innovative products, NeuroGenesis, Inc. is in a position to help countless customers achieve a healthier balanced neurochemistry.

As this happens, we are more able to calm down, think our way through a situation logically, focus and concentrate more clearly and react with greater control and clarity. Many have found relief from daily stress, drug and alcohol addictions, weight struggles, and numerous other burdens.

An added benefit is that the generous compensation plan provides NGI distributors with an opportunity to attain financial success and security.

NGI's history has proven that it is a company whose product is superb and whose directors are committed. The recent success of NeuroGenesis, Inc. seems to be only a slight taste of the future gains that it will see. NGI looks forward to continuing to provide natural alternatives to its customers for years to come.

Executive Team

Al Bieser President/CEO
Dr. Terry Neher Vice President of Research & Development and Chief Clinical Advisor
Tracy Frederick Controller
Stacey Barnes Esq. Barnes & Associates P LLC - Corporate Attorney

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IMPORTANT: Nutritional supplements work best in conjunction with a healthy diet. Optimal health does not happen overnight, but requires a building process. Please be faithful to yourself and to your body by taking NGI products on a regular, on-going basis.