Compensation Plan

Do you have a strategy for your future? Unless you shape your life, circumstances will shape it for you beyond your control. NeuroGenesis offers products with incredible mass-market appeal and an unparalleled financial opportunity to enable you to fully control your future and realize your life dreams.

  • Exclusive, patented product that cannot be copied or purchased anywhere else and decisively addresses serious nutritional deficiencies common to over 150 million people in the US alone.
  • Initially sold only to hospitals, clinics and recovery centers; now available for direct marketing only through NeuroGenesis.
  • NeuroGenesis has defended its patents several times in the court of law and won every single suit with positive adjudications reinforcing the existing patents.
  • Thousands of satisfied adults and children
  • Very high customer reorder rate
  • 25% retail profits and 30% "quick start"
  • Total company volume shared bonuses
  • Well managed, publicly traded company

NeuroGenesis empowers you to take control of your financial freedom

  • Our goal is to provide our Distributors with the strongest product ideas and a state-of-the-art media/Internet marketing system to transform their lives.
  • Our strategy is to create success, stimulate enthusiasm and strengthen the ability of our Distributors through example, support, encouragement and training.
  • Our method is to empower our Distributors with key, high-reorder products, media/Internet massive visibility and a decisive business direction that can explode their income.
  • Our commitment is motivated by passion for helping people both in health and in business. Our core values are respect, integrity, leadership and commitment.
Compensation Plan

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