What Is Your Predisposition to
AD/HD or Alcoholism Addiction?

The portions of the brain that largely are responsible for the personality characteristics of an individual are called the Hypothalamus and the Hippocampus. There are six subsystems within this area that are significantly "in charge".

One of them is called the opioid subsystem. It is named after the chemical it uses to communicate with other parts of the brain, the opioid neurotransmitters. Shortages of these chemicals can result in the symptoms usually associated with AD/HD. The person with this/these disorder/s may discover that strenuous physical or mental activity helps. If the disorder is pronounced, high activity may not be enough. The person may then turn to alcohol to self medicate. Certain by-products produced in the body from the break down of alcohol decreases the brain’s ability to manufacture the needed opioid neurotransmitters.

It is important to note that 80% of the time, a shortage of opioids has a genetic cause. The other 20% of the time is due to environmental stressors.

Check the boxes that apply to you and click the button at the bottom for your score.

Select Points Question
3 Do you have any alcoholics in your ancestry, e.g. father, mother, aunt, uncle, grandparents, or great-grandparents?
3 Are you occasionally accused of being too quick to become angry?
3 Do you enjoy doing dangerous activities such a mountain climbing, auto racing, stunt flying, etc.?
2 Do you occasionally feel depressed even when there is little about which to worry?
1 Do you find that you greatly enjoy always being the life of the party?
1 Is it important to you that the things you do, or that others do in association with you, be done properly?
1 If you see someone make a tactile error more than once, e.g. trying to get a key in a lock, do you insist on helping them even before they ask for help?
3 If you drink one alcoholic drink, beer, or glass of wine, do you usually drink several more?
5 If you drink one alcoholic drink, beer, or glass of wine, do you usually drink far too much?
5 Have you ever had a "black out" from drinking just 3 or 4 drinks
3 Do you ever want to take "pain pills" longer than the doctor wants you to?
5 Do you ever go to extremes to take non-prescribed "pain pills"?
   Your score
Please remember that no one but you will ever know your score on this test. It is for your information alone and if you don’t answer honestly, you keep yourself from knowing something important. It is something that might keep you from making very big mistakes in the future.

If you have a score of five to nine, you have a high probability of having opioid neurotransmitter deficiency.

If you have a score of 10 or more, or if you have said yes to any of the questions with 5 points, you have a significant possibility of having opioid neurotransmitter deficiency. Research has shown a significant correlation between opioid deficiency and the development of AD/HD and/or dependence upon alcohol.

Note: Only a physician or certified psychologist can make a diagnosis of alcohol dependence, or AD/HD.

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